Cengiz Ergeçen

Co-Founder, General Manager

Orhun Arkut

Co-Founder, CTO

Işıl Ünlü Balkan

Business Analyst

Süleyman Sağdıç

System/Infrastructure Administrator

Erhan Ergin

Country Manager

Engin İyimen Taner

Liaison Office Representative

Can Önder Tekeli

Senior Software Engineer

Emre Can Geçer

Senior Software Engineer

Onur Adsay

Senior Software Engineer / Contractor

Damla Geçer

Software Engineer

Ozan Kılınç

Software Engineer

Özgen Erdin

Software Engineer

Ünver Can Ünlü

Software Engineer

Ibrahim Çetin

Software Engineer

Ebru Dikmen

Software Engineer

We have developed two packages that support the travel industry online. One is geared towards selling complete holiday packages, the other towards selling individual flight tickets.

We continue to be strongly involved in this area and our experience goes far beyond simply being a software supplier.

Caunos can offer your company the consultancy it needs to grow and compete more effectively whether this be in the areas of system architecture, data modelling and web services or in general IT consultancy.